April 2, 1930


From the Gods’ Hollow journal of Duncan Blood.


April 2, 1930, I have returned to Gods’ Hollow in the hope that I shall not find any other structures.

Hope was denied to me.

Not far from the Colonel Coffin House, I discovered Greer Shed, which vanished from the Greer farm in 1826. It did so with the maid and the twin sons of Jeremiah Greer.

The interior of the shed was far worse than I could have imagined.

It stinks of human waste, and the bones of countless animals litter the floor.

I can see no trace of human remains, but someone took the time to scratch out a message on the interior of the walls.

I suspect it was the maid, since the boys were only six when the shed disappeared.

Though it breaks my heart to do so, I will record the words here.

“Three years have passed and the boys refuse to speak to me. They speak in a curious, twisted language I do not know. Food is scarce, and they look at me with hungry eyes. I pray that when I close my eyes, the shed will be once more in Cross and I will no longer fear the children.”

I do not think she feared them enough.

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2 thoughts on “April 2, 1930”

  1. Forgive
    Be my asking, but should that “three years” be three days? If they were in there for years it implies they were leaving and finding sustenance which had only recently run out, and also that the strange language was a recent development. If it’s the shorter (or *a* shorter) period that seems more like the food that went scarce was whatever they had with them when they travelled universes and the creepiness was growing.

    Either way I love the entry!

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