April 1, 1930


From the Gods’ Hollow journal of Duncan Blood.

April 1, 1930, the first building of old Cross returned today.

When the sun rose on the far end of Gods’ Hollow, I saw the Colonel Saul Coffin house standing off to the east, much as it had when it vanished in 1731.

The house is damaged and looks as though a great battle was fought within and without its stout walls. How long Saul and his family lasted is beyond my reckoning at this point. I can only surmise that the duration of their suffering was short.

Saul’s skeleton, and that of his wife were on the second floor, crammed into the fireplace. Their three children are unaccounted for. I could find no trace of enemy bodies, although the Damned have been known to take their fallen with them.

An examination of Saul’s skull shows that he died from a single gunshot to the temple. Regina, his wife, had her vertebrae crushed.

Near the back of the house, I found the bones of Ezekiel, Saul’s dwarf twin. He was not as fortunate as his brother or sister-in-law. His bones were wired to the foundation, and it seems as though some sort of drill was used to separate his joints. All his teeth are missing, and the orbital sockets are cracked, which leads me to believe his eyes were removed rather roughly.

I suspect that some of the other buildings may return.

There is a chance that the Damned will come with them as well.

I will return in the morning, and I will be armed with the Colts.

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