March 28, 1924


Cross dogs are a breed of their own.

It is not unusual for dogs to go feral within the borders of Cross.

There is no explanation for this. It merely happens.

On March 21, 1924, the two dogs of Mrs. Arthur A. Aaronson – Sif and her mate, Thor – were seen running into the open expanse of Gods’ Hollow.

A week later, on the 28th, the dogs returned home, much to the joy of Mrs. Aaronson and her staff (who had suffered their mistress’ abuses during the dogs’ absence).

The joy was short lived.

No sooner had Mrs. Aaronson stooped to embrace her dogs than the two canines attacked.

In a matter of moments, her throat was torn out, and she was left to bleed to death in the snow-covered veranda.

The dogs, according to the testimony of survivors, threw themselves through the glass doors and hunted down some of the staff.

The butler, a pair of maids, and one of the stable hands were slain in the house. All three of the Aaronsons’ prized stallions died in their stalls, their bellies partially eaten.

For several hours, the dogs attempted to get into the small bathroom where the last four members of the household staff had locked themselves.

Prior to the setting of the sun, the dogs left the property, leaving destruction and confusion behind them.

Over the years, other dogs have joined the pack founded by Sif and Thor. This pack roams Gods’ Hollow, occasionally venturing as far as Gordon Road to hunt.

While most people wisely avoid the wild dogs of Cross, there are those who foolishly believe the animals can be saved.

And those have paid for their hubris with their lives.

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