March 23, 1927


We are not at the top of the food chain.

There are times when this fact is driven home with brutal clarity to the people of Cross.

On March 23, 1927, Dan and Zeke Rawlins vanished while traveling along Gordon Road with a load of lumber. The men were old hands at transporting goods in the snow, and they kept dogs for the purpose of pulling sleds.

When the men left their home, their destination was Duncan Blood’s farm. Duncan had hired the brothers to build him a new shed for the storing of apples.

When the men still hadn’t arrived by the following morning, Duncan and several others started a search, and they found what they believed to be the remains of the Rawlins brothers and their dogs.

Sled tracks from Gordon Road and into Gods’ Hollow led the search party down a short embankment and the blackened remnants of a large fire.

Bones, both human and dog, were scattered about the fire. Many of them were charred; all were broken with the marrow sucked out. Bloody tack and harness, boots and clothes, were tossed into a single pile, and the air around the ashes of the fire stank of something far fouler than any other than Duncan could recall.

The snow was churned and fire, the men realized, had been made from the lumber meant for Duncan.

Curious tracks, which looked as though they were made by giant, three-toed feet, led away from the remains.

Some of those gathered wanted to follow the tracks into the wilds of Gods’ Hollow.

Duncan convinced them with a single sentence.

“Do you want to be tonight’s dinner?”

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