March 20, 1909


What happens when you love a book too much?

Some of those who work at the Cross Social Library know the answer to that, and while they are devoted to books themselves, they refuse to choose one book lest they end up like Robin Schall.

The fate of Robin Schall is a cautionary tale. One that brings booklovers to a halt, and makes sweat appear upon their brows.

From 1905 to 1909, Robin Schall worked as a volunteer at the Cross Social Library. She was dedicated and loyal, and happy to be among the books. While she read voraciously, she would always return to her tried and true favorite, The Scarlet Letter. At any given time, she could be found reading the book, sitting at a table in the library, and enjoying the solitude she found there.

In 1909, Robin became terribly ill, suffering from a wasting disease that reduced the once vibrant young woman to a trembling husk that could not move from her bed.

On March 3, 1909, she passed away.

Her books, including her precious copy of The Scarlet Letter, were donated to the library.

By March 10, all the books were put out on the shelves, with The Scarlet Letter displayed prominently alongside of a photograph of Robin.

The first recorded sighting of Robin was March 20, 1909, and she was seen standing in front of her book, desperately trying to pick it up.

She was unsuccessful in her attempt, although she was successful in creating a scream that was heard throughout the library.

Since that time, Robin has been seen on a regular basis. Each time it is the same. She seeks to pick up her book and to read it.

Recently, the librarians have taken to playing the audio version of The Scarlet Letter, and while this does offer some small comfort to the ghost, it is not enough.

Her anguished screams are still heard weekly.

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