March 19, 1942


Why do the dead linger?

The citizens of Cross have no answer for this, although many wish they did. Perhaps then, they argue, the dead might be put to rest.

Hawkins’ Mill is located at the widest part of Murders’ Creek, and until 1943, the Mill was still used by descendants of the Hawkins family.

On March 17, 1942, Carl Hawkins went into Murders’ Creek to examine an issue with the wheel. His brother and cousin watched as he went into the cold water, swearing and declaring – adamantly – that the world hated him.

It seemed Carl was correct.

His hand became caught in the wheel, and for a moment the wheel was freed, jerking Carl around and pulling him beneath the frigid water.

But then the wheel stopped, and the man did not surface, although his feet kicked up and out of the water.

His brother and cousins leaped into Murders’ Creek to assist him, but it was no use.

By the time they freed him, Carl was dead.

March 19, 1942, a day after his internment in the family crypt, the ghost of Carl Hawkins returned to work.

He wasn’t happy to be dead.

From the moment the mill opened, until the moment it closed that day, Carl Hawkins screamed about the ineffectuality of his relatives.

It continued the next day, and the day after.

Following a week of profanity laden diatribes, the Hawkins family brought in a priest and hoped for an exorcism.

The action only angered Carl.

He tore up machinery in the night and hung living rats from the rafters.

Each day, it seemed, was worse than the one before.

Finally, after a full year of spectral abuse, the Hawkins family closed the mill on March 19, 1943.

Carl can still be heard screaming in outrage when the wind shifts.

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