March 17, 1966


Connor O’Leary emigrated to the United States in 1961 from County Cork, Ireland. A devout Catholic and a staunch supporter of an Ireland free from the domination of England, Connor sent a significant portion of his wages home to his mother and the cause of Irish Freedom.

When he took a job in Pepperell, he built a home in Cross on North Road, directly across from Gods’ Hollow.

Connor worked as a truck driver and was gone more than he was home.

On those days and nights when he was in Cross, he spent a fair amount of it in Church and at the bar. He was, according to many, what one expected from an Irishman fresh off the boat.

Which was what he wanted people to believe.

Connor O’Leary was far from anything anyone expected.

On February 12, 1965, Connor’s home was raided by members of the FBI, and he was captured after a brief shootout that left him wounded and two of the agents dead. Following his arrest, the FBI searched his house, and it was on the second floor that they found a small, circular room that looked out over Gods’ Hollow.

This was Connor’s death chamber.

In 1964, the FBI had excavated a mass grave in a field in Iowa. Forty-nine men, between the ages of 30 and 35, had been executed with a single gunshot wound to the chest. After nearly a year of investigation, the FBI was able to track down the killer.

Later, when he was questioned, Connor cheerfully explained that creatures from Gods’ Hollow crept into his house at night and whispered the names of men who needed to die. They would tell him where they lived, and when he should take them. He also told his interrogators that he would be well-rewarded.

On March 17, 1966, Connor O’Leery vanished from a maximum security prison, his roommate adamant that strange beasts had spirited the man away.

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