March 12, 1937


Cross is no gentle place.

In 1937, Robert DeManche and his family were taught that bitter lesson.

From the Spring of 1935 until the Fall of 1936, Robert built a home on the edge of Gods’ Hollow where it joined with Duncan Blood’s land. Robert was a firm believer and supporter of communism, and he felt that no one could hold such a wealth of land.

Duncan, of course, disagreed, warning the DeManche family that while he might be forgiving, Gods’ Hollow would not.

Robert was new to Cross, and they believed the talk to be nothing but bluster.

Robert spoke freely about establishing a collective on the unclaimed land of Gods’ Hollow, and taking what he needed of Duncan’s property.

Duncan, in turn, pronounced the man a fool, and warned the wife to take the children to a place of safety.

Sharon DeManche was as firm a believer as her husband, so she stayed by his side.

On March 12, 1937, eight days after the home was finished and the DeManche family moved into the structure, Gods’ Hollow convulsed and cast the building onto Duncan’s property. Two of the DeManche children were killed and Sharon was paralyzed from the waist down. The DeManches first-born son survived, and he gathered up his two surviving siblings, the three of them seeking refuge with Duncan.

Robert DeManche was found later that day, naked and tied spread-eagle to a large rock a short distance from where his home had so briefly stood.

He tongue was missing, his eyes filled with madness, and he was screaming hoarsely to the sky.

Later, when Sharon recovered enough to speak, she told of a great, earthen hand that had risen up around the house, and hurled it from the land.

She and her husband shared a room at the asylum until she murdered him for whispering while she slept.

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