March 8, 1946


The image of a mistake.

In the library of the Cross Branch of Miskatonic University, there is the Lovecraft Room. It is a small study room, and it has remained unchanged for over seventy years.

On the morning of March 8, 1946, nine students and their professor, entered the room at 8:15. They were learning ancient Arabic, specifically dialects from those regions along the Iraq and Iran border. In an effort to help them gain a better appreciation of the language they were studying, their professor, Dr. Curtis A. Lawson, retrieved a previously unused Arabic text from a nearby locked cabinet.

To ensure that he would not be interrupted, Dr. Lawson closed the door to the room.

What happened next is merely conjecture.

While witnesses stated that they heard him reading aloud in a foreign language, it quickly stopped. A short time later, one of the staff members went to go and check on the room and found the door to be slightly ajar.

The class was perfectly still, students and Dr. Lawson frozen in various positions. Dr. Lawson’s hands were open as if he had been holding the book. His students had been writing down notes or observing their professor as he read to them.

But none of those in the room moved. There was not the slightest hint of breath or the faintest sign of life.

Yet they were not dead.

The flow of time had been stopped.

Nothing in the room could be moved, not the smallest bit of dust would budge.

It has been surmised that the book, of which no information remained, was responsible, and that when Dr. Lawson read from it, he enabled some spell.

As to who might have taken the book, no one knows.

But should you travel to the library, and ask to see the Lovecraft Room, you will bear witness to a moment frozen in time.

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