March 5, 1924


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Rose MacCrae put truth to those words in 1924 when she took the position of cook for Daniel Sawyer and his wife, Emily.

Rose and Daniel had grown up together in Cross, and together they had gone through all their schooling. Her affection for Daniel was made apparent in the second grade, and it never dulled. Yet Daniel never returned her affection, though he often toyed with her, and it is rumored that he had done more than that.

In 1908, Daniel moved from Cross to Boston for a short time, and it was there that he met his future bride. Emily was all those things that Rose was not: elegant, cultured, and well-connected. In 1924, the Sawyers moved back to Cross, and Daniel hired Rose as a cook not only on the merits of her abilities but out of a sense of superiority.

On February 2nd, 1924, Emily Sawyer failed to return home from a shopping trip to Boston, and rumor stated that she had run off with an old friend of Daniel’s.

Daniel was heartbroken at the loss of his wife, and it is to Rose’s credit that she did not prey upon the man in his weakened emotional state.

Instead, she did what she was hired to do, she cooked.

Rose was the very devil in the kitchen, baking, and canning and producing magnificent feasts. While Daniel hardly touched the meals, he still partook of them, if only to ensure his continued existence should his beloved return.

On March 5, 1924, Daniel awoke and was surprised to find that there was no breakfast on the table when he descended. Nor was Rose in the kitchen. A beautiful pastry box was set on the kitchen counter and attached to it was a note.

“You can cook the rest yourself.”

Confused, Daniel opened the box, and found Emily’s severed head within, her heart stuffed in her open mouth.

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