February 27, 1905


Vengeance is a bitter draught.

Axel St. Anselm was a man who felt himself wronged.

Life, as far as he was concerned, never did him a kindness. Not a single one. So, he treated the world in a like manner. He was a thief, a murder, and a rapist. What he wanted, he took.

In May of 1902, Axel attempted to take from Ms. Charlene Roi, the librarian at the Cross Social Library. Unfortunately for Axel, the librarian was far stronger than she looked, and the large book with which she struck him knocked him out. When he eventually awoke, he found himself in chains and awaiting transportation to prison.

Axel served three years and was released on February 27th, 1905, and made straight for Cross.

Over the years he had been able to learn where Charlene lived.

He had planned his revenge to the finest detail. Axel knew when he would strike, and how he would strike.

He knew Charlene lived in a small house with a sponsoring family. He understood that she went to bed early, and that on most nights the family she resided with spent their time in the parlor, playing charades.

Axel was a skilled criminal, and since there was little crime in Cross, he was not surprised to find the back door unlocked. The laughter of the family hid his nearly silent steps as he crept up to Charlene’s room.

Her bedroom was small and tucked away in the attic. Far from prying eyes and ears.

Axel was unarmed for he was a man who prided himself on his ability to kill without a weapon.

Charlene was armed, with a large revolver, and she shot him twice, creating a hole large enough for someone to put a fist in.

When her sponsors reached her, she was sitting on her bed, the fire in her small stove burning brightly, the flames devouring the letters she had sent to Axel, inviting him to visit.

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