February 26, 1920


What would it be like to meet your double?

While much of the world theorizes and wonders whether the multiverse exists, many in Cross do not.

They know, first hand, that parallel universes, alternate planes of existence, and the maddening structure of the multiverse, all exist.

Few, however, can speak so succinctly upon the idea as Hazel Clay.

Or rather, who most people believe to be Hazel Clay.

On February 26th, 1920, another version of Cross bled through the thin fabric of the universe in front of the Cross Social Library, and it was Hazel Clay who found it.

And it was Hazel Clay who came through.

Both versions of Hazel were holding their dogs, and both women were wearing the same clothes. Their hair was identical, as were the expressions of shock on their faces.

Witnesses state that both women spoke at the same time, yet none of the words were decipherable. It was as if the two versions were so in tune that a new and brilliant language sprang up for those few minutes they were together.

Reports stated that the universes pulsed around the women. Waves of light and darkness, truth and lies, flowed about them, pulling and pushing at reality.

Finally, after nearly five minutes, the ground around the women shuddered and they were hidden by a black shape.

When it cleared, only one Hazel Clay remained. She held her dog in her arms, and smiled and called to those she knew.

Over the years, she has professed to be herself, which she undoubtedly is. But she does not know certain people, and has no memory of events in which she played a key role.

Thus it was that in 1921, Hazel filed for divorce on the grounds that she had never been married, and had never met her alleged husband.

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