February 20, 1873


Do you wonder who’s knocking within the walls of your home? 

In February of 1873, Theodore and Alice Cook were more than curious about the knocking they heard in the parlor’s walls. 

They had purchased the home in January of 1872, and there had been no trouble previous to February 1 of 1873.
On February 20, after 19 days of incessant knocking, Theodore – a normally calm and sedate gentleman – lost his temper and began to tear apart the parlor. He began on the southern wall, tearing the horsehair plaster down in his quest to discover the origin of the noise. 

As he moved from one wall to the next, the sound increased in tempo and volume, until it drowned out the sound of the hammer Theodore used. 

Finally, when he reached the eastern wall, Theodore found the source. 

A small door, hidden beneath the plaster. 

From the opposite side of it came the noise. 

Alice entered the room and stood among the debris with her husband, staring at the door. In silence, she reached forward, took hold of the small doorknob, and opened the door. 

Beyond it, in a narrow room, was a small child who was cheerfully banging blocks and toy animals around.  

The room was windowless, and there was neither food nor drink for the child.  

When he looked at the Cooks, he smiled, laughed, and continued to play. 

They named him Alexander, and he lives in the Cook home still. 

Those few who know his story wonder if he will ever die. Some have even been brazen enough to ask. 

Alexander merely smiles, winks, and replies, “I’ll out live you.” 

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