February 6, 1968


She wanders the halls alone.

The Student, as she is known, has been a part of the Cross Branch of Miskatonic University’s library since 1959 and the acquisition of a large number of books from one of the preeminent collectors in town, Madame Virginia Lauzon. It was only on the passing of this esteemed bibliophile that the books, estimated to number nearly 10,000, were acquired. This being the case, there was no way to know the provenance of each volume.

The Student was first spotted by a librarian on February 6, 1968 in the upper-stacks, close to the bibliographies, the majority of which came from Madame Lauzon. Given the Student’s garb, it is believed that she died sometime during the early portion of the 1950s.

Over the decades since the first sighting, numerous other students, staff, and employees have reported encountering her. The Student is shy, showing no wounds or giving any hint as to how she passed or when, exactly, that might have occurred.

What is more, when mediums have attempted to speak with her, she has pointedly ignored her.

The various librarians have reported seeing her with different books, and they find previous books she read placed on the desk, ready to be re-shelved.

While the Student is not averse to company, she is not fond of photographs. The few images that exist have been taken from outside the building, and they always show the Student reading, which seems to be her sole desire.

There is only one recorded incident of the Student being aggressive, and that was on the anniversary of her appearance at the college.

A well-known medium, James Avril, attempted to force her to speak.

The Student put the gentleman in the hospital, where he remained in traction for seven months.

If you are interested – and polite – the Student can still be seen in the University’s library.

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