February 3, 1898


Dark creatures crept from the woodlands, and the unwise went to witness their arrival.

On the morning of February 2nd, 1898, witnesses reported seeing strange trees on the edge of Gods’ Hollow, where the tree-line intersected with the low fields.

The following morning, shortly after sunrise, those same trees were said to be in different positions, and further from where they had stood the previous day.

Curious as to what might be occurring, a half dozen of Cross’ more intrepid – if foolish – citizens went to Gods’ Hollow to see what the night might bring.

Kimberly Bierce, one of the six, brought with her a camera and tripod, hoping to capture on film whatever events she might witness.

With the full moon having just breached the horizon and providing enough light for her to photograph by, Kimberly managed to obtain a single photograph, and it shows four of her colleagues standing among a trio of oddly shaped trees. Where the trees had originated from was a question the group sought to answer.

Whether they ever succeeded in discovering this remains unknown.

When the amateur investigators did not return by midnight, a second group of older, wiser citizens – led by Duncan Blood and all heavily armed – traveled to Gods’ Hollow to see what, if anything, was amiss.

The camera was found atop its tripod.

No strange and curious trees could be seen, but the newly fallen snow was stained a deep crimson, and there were bits of still warm flesh littering the snow.

Large, three-toed footprints and swaths of flattened, reddish snow traveled unerringly to the tree-line, where they vanished within a hundred feet.

The remains of the amateurs were never discovered, nor have such trees as those recorded by the late Kimberly Bierce ever been seen again.

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