February 2, 1967


They watched as the vines smothered the building and all within it.

When the sun rose over Cross on February 2nd, 1967, the Lerner Theater was free of any growths on its aged façade.

Michael Lerner, whose family had owned the building since its construction in 1918, kept the grounds and the building itself in immaculate condition. So well-kept were the grounds, that several of the academic organizations from the Cross branch of Miskatonic University often held their monthly meetings there.

Usually, these groups met in the evenings, but on February 2nd, the Phi Beta Kappa chapter of the school decided on an early meeting as many of its members were preparing for a trip into Boston. They had obtained permission to examine some of Harvard’s rare books, and the group was making the final arrangements.

One member, Harold Breckenridge, was not going to attend. Until recently, Harold had been dating the daughter of Professor Eli Whiting. The good professor was displeased with the arrangement, and as the gentleman was also a member of the draft board, he had managed to succeed in having Harold’s number called up for service.

When Harold refused to flee to Canada, the professor’s daughter – a pacifist – broke off the relationship.

What happened next is only a conjecture, but it is also the only scenario that fits.

Harold was exceptionally skilled at the translation of old English spells, and the previous day he was seen studying several books on the subject at the university’s library. One spell, in particular, focused on a voracious and invasive vine.

Harold was last seen entering the theater with his classmates, and a witness saw the young man chain the interior doors shut at 10:00 AM.

This photo was taken at 10:13 AM when the first screams were heard.

By 10:30, the building was completely enveloped, and the screaming had stopped.

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