January 29, 1910


The storm tore through worlds and ended lives.

On the morning of January 29th, 1910, a nor’easter blew in shortly before dawn. The storm raged from the moment it reached Cross, and soon the residents knew fear as they never had before.

Great beasts, nothing more than shadows in the thick snow fall, moved along the streets. The strange creatures made hardly any noise as they traveled, but their furious hunting cries pierced the dim light of the day, and each cry signaled death and destruction.

Residents were torn from their homes and plucked from the street if they dared to try and escape. Entire structures were crushed and horses were devoured in their stables.

Yet with the monsters came the hunters.

Unknown mechanical contraptions rumbled as they steamed out of dark shadows, and things that were shaped vaguely like men leaped down into the snow to chase down the beasts. Rapid-fire guns could be heard, as could the heavy pounding of artillery.

In the late January snow storm, Cross became a battlefield in a war fought between unknown forces.

When the storm cleared in the evening, the townspeople were faced with horror after horror.

Entire homes were missing. Not even the foundations remained to mark where the structures once stood. Families were gone, streets were destroyed, and inhuman body parts were strewn in the fresh snow.

The 1920 census reports an abnormal drop of 17% in Cross’ population while the records of the town itself show that no forwarding addresses were left for 23 families.

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