January 28, 1941


Zora Heale’s wailing shook the earth and cracked the sky.

The storm smashed into Cross in the early hours of the morning. High winds and driving snow broke windows, stove in doors, and murdered livestock.

When the storm ended at a little past dawn on January 28th, 1941, the townspeople closest to Cross Road heard a high-pitched wailing. The noise continued, rising and falling, for nearly an hour before anyone bothered to seek out its source.

Far on the northern edge of Gods’ Hollow, they tracked the sound to the tar-paper shack of John and Ellen Heale. The itinerant workers lived in the building with their daughter, 7-year-old Zora. From the house’s interior came the wails of the child, and the discordant notes of a piano in much need of tuning.

When several men were able to force the door and gain access to the single room house, they found everything as it should be except for one small detail.

Neither John nor Ellen were in the home.

Zora sat at the piano, banging at the keys and screaming as she did so.

Her father’s shoes were on the floor, and her mother’s clothes were on the rocker where Ellen would sit and do the mending.

But the parents were gone.

When the girl was approached, she turned shocked the men into silence.

Tears of blood trickled down her pale cheeks, and her eyes were gone, the flesh sealed as if the orbs had never been present.

When asked what had occurred, the girl only opened her mouth and wailed again, revealing a mouth barren of a tongue.

The fate of John and Ellen Heale was never discovered, and their daughter continues to scream in her room at the sanitarium.

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