January 27, 1940


Miles Ray sold death.

On the southern border, where Cross slipped into Groton, and vice versus, Miles kept a small general store. He was a pleasant man, always with a kind word and the ability to extend credit to someone who needed a helping hand.

Miles started working for Gilbert Happ at the Cross General Store in 1888. When Gilbert retired at the tender age of 83 at the start of the First World War, Miles purchased the business. For 26 years, Miles was a fixture in the store, able to order any item a customer wanted but couldn’t find.

In 1940, on January 27th, Miles’ 70th birthday, the store was raided by members of the Boston Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Several townsfolk were present for the raid, and the battle they observed was horrific.

According to witness statements, law enforcement didn’t stand a chance.

When the lead FBI agent announced that they were there to seize any weapons or dangerous items. They were there in response to information that Miles had been providing weapons, poisons, and various instruments of death and torture to professional killers for over 20 years. Upon hearing this, the 70-year-old Miles attacked.

From beneath the counter, Miles drew a pair of .45 caliber Colts, the heavy, semi-automatic pistols filling the close confines of the store with the sound of thunder. The slugs from the weapons tore into police and agents and left men dead and dying on the well-polished wooden floor.

As the surviving members of law enforcement returned fire, Miles spoke a single word that seemed to make the air thick and fetid. Moments later a darkness spilled down from the ceiling, and black shapes mingled among the men.

The screams of the agents and officers were brutal and short-lived.

Miles vanished out the back door, and none of the members of the raiders survived the exchange.

Duncan Blood, who was present at the time, remarked, “I suppose they should have left Miles alone.”

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  1. Duncan’s reaction makes me wonder if this is essentially the result of a misunderstanding: were the “professional killer” clientele what laypeople would term “monster hunters”? Is this one source of the roughly eight thousand rounds Duncan describes firing in any given fight?

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