January 25, 1898


The child destroyed everything he touched.

Who he was, where he came from, or why he left a swath of destruction behind him were all questions that were never answered.

On January 25, 1898, a small child walked out of the First Congregationalist Church. Birds scattered to the skies and horses shied away from the boy, who was dressed in nothing more than a loose, white shift.

When Ms. Agnes Harrow attempted to speak with him, she was struck blind, deaf, and mute the moment her fingers touched the pale skin of his thin arm.

Patrolman Harlan Cobb tried to stop the boy by taking hold of the child.

Harlan died of massive internal hemorrhaging moments later.

A team of horses, driven by Enoch Phet when by several minutes later, and the horses went mad, kicking each other to death in their traces and throwing Enoch from the buckboard seat. He landed on his back and was paralyzed from the waist down.

The child walked to the Orion Building and touched the door, which exploded inwards. As he crossed the threshold, the windows shattered and bricks shot out from the mortar, damaging buildings on the opposite side of the street.

Three members of the August Collar Company were repairing a folding machine when the child walked into the room. One made it out before the child reached out and touched the piece of equipment.

The resulting explosion rocked the building to its foundations, blew out all the windows and doors, and turned the two remaining employees into bloody stains on the nearby walls.

The child’s remains were never found, and he is still wanted for questioning.

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