January 19, 1903


A great many strange and curious creatures have passed through Cross. Some have created havoc and wrought destruction. Others have done nothing more than pause upon the town’s ancient streets.

A few have traveled specifically to find sanctuary with Duncan Blood, and he has given it to them. His property is large, and few in town are allowed to visit.

Early in the 20th century, word traveled that there were animals of extraordinary size and shape on Duncan’s lands, and for a short time this resulted in unwanted attention from hunters unfamiliar with Cross and Duncan Blood.

For the most part, Duncan was able to keep these individuals at bay, but in 1902, a pair of brothers learned of a gigantic bear living in Duncan’s protected woods.

The brothers, Albert and Devon McClintock, took the train in to Cross and sought a meeting with Duncan. He agreed to, and when they met in the train station, and they told him of their desire to hunt the bear on his property, Duncan told them – in no uncertain terms – that such an act would be impossible.

The brothers accepted his statement at face value. After their meeting, however, they traveled to the opposite side of Blood Lake and rowed across it. Once on Duncan’s property, they vanished.

Their canoe was found adrift one morning, and the Cross Police later inquired as to whether or not Duncan had seen them.

He replied he had, and when asked as to where he had last seen them, Duncan responded, “Feeding the hogs.”

A trip to the pig pen showed a trio of large sows, and trampled into the filth beneath their feet were shards of bones.

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One thought on “January 19, 1903”

  1. I like this one as a great example of the “post-modern magic” trope as it’s used in Cross: “strange creatures live in this place, so of course all some entitled jackasses can think of to do about it is try to kill them with guns.”

    And of course, we have Duncan’s deep gray morality at play as well, with a dark-on-the-surface act as he protects a…magical? Intelligent? Sacred? Creature from some sport hunters who really should have known better even if they didn’t know what they were after.

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