January 16, 1909


Herbert Timothy French was born wicked.

In 1903, his violent birth was the direct cause of his mother’s death three days later. His father, Timothy French, hired a wet-nurse to feed the infant, yet within a month she too was dead, this time from an infected cut caused by Herbert’s untrimmed nails.

Before he was four years of age, Herbert was responsible for the deaths of three other women and one older gentleman. The last was when Herbert tripped the older man and caused him to fall and smash his head open on the porch railing.

Timothy, however, doted on the boy, and believed the child could do no wrong – even when presented with evidence that he had.

Herbert was fond of lighting fires in the servants’ quarters; cooking cats alive; and shooting at neighboring children and dogs with his father’s squirrel rifle.

In 1908, Herbert’s father purchased an expensive toy car for him, one that Herbert was quite adept at propelling forward.

Soon after Herbert took the vehicle onto Hollis Road animals of various sizes began to be found dead there. All had been struck by something.

Herbert’s car, it was noted, often had blood and hair stuck to the front.

On January 16th, 1909, at 9:30 in the evening, there was a horrific crash in front of the boy’s house. When Timothy went outside with his servants, he discovered his son’s car, but not his son. The vehicle had struck a tree, and there was a great deal of blood upon it. But the boy’s body was never found.

On Hollis Road there is a dangerous stretch where animals and people have been killed by a hit and run driver.

Survivors report hearing the pleased laughter of a small child.

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