January 6, 1930


Many events which occur in Cross remain a mystery. No one can ever draw a conclusion as to what happened or offer a reasonable explanation for an event.

Such is the case with Gods’ Hollow.

A wide expanse of unoccupied territory, Gods’ Hollow has never been settled. No homes have been built, no fences erected. Cattle are not allowed to graze, nor is hunting permissible.

Not only is there a sacredness about the area, but there is a subtle danger, an almost malignant odor to the air. Something lurks there, between the worlds.

And at times, this unknown entity opens the gateway and thrusts something into Cross that does not belong.

On January 6, 1930, Mr. Erik Carte was traveling along the slim road that cuts through Gods’ Hollow when he saw a disruption to the natural landscape.

The remains of a curious building stood where no building had stood before.

Closer examination of the structure revealed that it bore the date of 1558 Anno Domini and that the foundations were encrusted with small, humanoid skulls. Signs of violence could be seen upon the stone and the plaster, but there was no explanation as to how the ruins had appeared, or why they had done so.

The building was clearly ancient, and the growth around it revealed that it had been its position for centuries.

Yet the question was to which world did the ruins belong.

No one knew.

The ruins, known as Carte’s Castle, remain on the edge of Gods’ Hollow, and people are advised to avoid it.

At any time, the castle could return from whence it came, and it might take the curious onlooker with it.

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