What We Bring to the Table


     We are a collection of our experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Each of these informs our decisions, both conscious and subconscious, and when we create, they are the subtle currents beneath our words.

     With this in mind, we should think about who and what we are when we write.

     Your experiences, the sum of who you are at the moment that you begin to write, these are what you bring to the table.

     Don’t be afraid to place them all out to be seen. Place your childhood fears in one section, your accomplishments in another. Have everything laid out where you can see it and reflect upon it. And sometimes, that reflection will be the most difficult aspect of writing.

     It takes courage to examine yourself, which is why so few of us do it – myself included. There are dark corners within the human heart that none of us wish to probe, but to be a better writer, to be the best writer you can be, well, that requires us to dig a little deeper. To drag those painful memories and experiences out into the open, and to lay them out on the table.

     When you have your table set, and you’re prepared to write, look at yourself, see what will work and what will not, and don’t be afraid to delve deeper into your psyche.

     There is greatness in what you have experienced, in what has molded you.

     Bring it to the table and create.

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