December 16, 1995


     Time and distance can be constructs of the mind more than based in reality, although there are few who would believe such a statement.

     In Cross, however, this tends to be far more truthful than most are comfortable with.

     Quinton Straus was born on April 3rd, 1975, and when he graduated from Cross High School, he decided to attend the Cross Branch of Miskatonic University. His focus of study was theoretical migration and the fluctuations in time through the Bleed between realities. Along with his professor, Dr. John Winthrop IV, Quinton succeeded in opening a fourth door into the Bleed. On December 16th, 1995, with cameras rolling and students and staff cheering them on, Quinton and Professor Winthrop entered the Bleed.

     According to witnesses, the door slammed itself closed, and a force sealed it against all efforts to open it.

     After three hours of strenuous effort, the decision was made to attempt to cut through the door, to see if the student and professor were at least visible.

     Another hour passed before a bolt-hole was cut into the wood and a small, fiber-optic camera was inserted into the opening. The camera revealed a desert scene with tents and materials one related to the ancient Bedouins of the Middle East.

     A moment later the camera settled on an old man, who turned and faced it. His eyes went wide, and then he shook his head. He held up his left hand and showed a Cross High School class ring.

     When he lowered his hand, he mouthed three words, “Seal the door.”

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