November 25, 1939


     Ms. Delilah Buckshaw was born in Cross in 1909, and she spent her first 10 years in town. Her family moved in 1919, and Delilah did not return to Cross until 1937. She was a stunningly beautiful woman, regardless of the fact that at first, she never smiled.

     There was anger in her, and some said it was because her husband died in Alabama in 1935.

     Whether there was any truth to the reason behind her bitter mien no one knew. Delilah did not speak of it. She did wear black, and she refused to accept the calling cards of any suitors. The only man she spoke with on a regular basis was Duncan Blood, but all could see there was no romantic interest.

     In 1938, Duncan Blood accepted delivery of a large piece of furniture on behalf of Delilah and helped to have it installed properly in her home. After that, Delilah was rarely seen. When she was, people noticed how she smiled. It was not an expression of joy, but one of satisfaction.

     On November 25, 1939, members of the FBI arrived in Cross and raided Delilah’s home in an effort to arrest her on suspicion of multiple acts of murder.

     She eluded them, people learned, by stepping into her hall mirror and vanishing.

     According to rumor, the FBI had become aware that someone matching Delilah’s description was seen strangling men to death in Decatur, Alabama. These men had been accused of lynching Delilah’s husband, although none were prosecuted for the crime.

     While the FBI agents did not leave with Delilah, they did exit Cross with her mirror.

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